why is harrisburg the capital of pennsylvania

So, why is Harrisburg the capital of Pennsylvania and not a larger city, like say Philadelphia or Pittsburgh? There were no planes or cars in those days, so transportation to and from a, Despite thirty years of mismanagement and corruption under. Having it serve as the seat of both the state and federal government seemed confusing and crowded. Let Freedom Ring | Who Cracked the Liberty Bell? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. City Government Center, the only city hall in the United States named for a Civil Rights Movement leader[citation needed], serves as a central location for the administrative functions of the city. The Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, which was completed in 1999, is the first center of its type in the United States where education, science and the performing arts take place under one roof. Because, you can see this street all disco club and bars. In June 1972, Harrisburg was hit by a major flood from the remnants of hurricane Agnes. By the late 19th century, this area was the width of about two city blocks and formed what amounted to a barrier along the eastern edge of the city: passable only by bridge. [36][37] It also went eastward to Philadelphia, serving Steelton en route. Eggert, Gerald G., Harrisburg Industrializes: The Coming of Factories to an American Community. There are nearly 40 parish-driven elementary schools and seven Catholic high schools within the region administered by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, including Bishop McDevitt High School and Trinity High School. Mira Lloyd Dock spearheaded the movement with an impressive speech before the city's Board of Trade. Philly is the most populous city in the state, after all. All administrative functions of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are located within the complex and at various nearby locations. The five tallest buildings are 333 Market Street with a height of 341 feet (104 m), Pennsylvania Place with a height of 291 feet (89 m), the Pennsylvania State Capitol with a height of 272 feet (83 m), Presbyterian Apartments with a height of 259 feet (79 m) and the Fulton Bank Building with a height of 255 feet (78 m).[54]. The grandeur of the Colonial Revival capitol dominated the quaint town. It would take close to two weeks to make the journey in the era of the horse-drawn carriage. The first European contact with Native Americans in Pennsylvania was made by the Englishman, Captain John Smith, who journeyed from Virginia up the Susquehanna River in 1608 and visited with the Susquehanna tribe. Stacks from these factories constantly belched smoke. A charter/tour bus operator, R & J Transport, also provides weekday, scheduled route commuter service for people working in downtown Harrisburg. While praised for the vast number of economic improvements, Reed has also been criticized for population loss and mounting debt. Why is Harrisburg the Capital of Pennsylvania? Highly innovative in its steel making process, it became the first mill in the United States to make steel railroad rails by contract. Official records for Harrisburg kept at downtown from July 1888 to December 1938. Its rails ran the length of Harrisburg, along its eastern border. Military bases in the Harrisburg area include: Domestic and International airlines provide services via Harrisburg International Airport (MDT), which is located southeast of the city in Middletown. The Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse, located in downtown Harrisburg, serves as the regional administrative offices of the federal government. Harrisburg is a town with a rich history that spans more than 200 years. Harrisburg is located at 40°16′11″N 76°52′32″W / 40.26972°N 76.87556°W / 40.26972; -76.87556 (40.269789, -76.875613) in South Central Pennsylvania,[46] within a four-hour drive of the metro areas of New York, Washington, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. They connect Harrisburg to other Pennsylvania cities such as Allentown, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading, Scranton, State College, Williamsport, and York and nearby, out-of-state cities such as Baltimore, Binghamton, New York, Syracuse, and Washington, D.C., plus many other destinations via transfers.[91]. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 11.4 square miles (30 km2), of which, 8.1 square miles (21 km2) of it is land and 3.3 square miles (8.5 km2) of it (29.11%) is water. The rail yard was another area of Harrisburg that saw rapid and thorough change during the years of industrialization. Harrisburg played a notable role in American history during the Westward Migration, the American Civil War and the Industrial Revolution. Harrisburg, on the other hand, is a full 100 miles west of Philadelphia toward the center of the state, and its location directly on the Susquehanna River made it easily accessible by ship. [95] The District has been among the lowest ranking districts for academics in the Commonwealth, ranking 492nd out of 496 district ranked by the Pittsburgh Business Times, in 2014. [59] Unlike Western and Southern states, Pennsylvania maintains a complex system of municipalities and has very little legislation on either the annexation/expansion of cities or the consolidating of municipal entities. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, which is the court of last resort in the state, hears arguments in Harrisburg as well as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. It built huge repair facilities and two large roundhouses in the 1860s and 1870s to handle its enormous freight and passenger traffic and to maintain its colossal infrastructure. There were 20,561 households, out of which 28.5% had children under the age of 13 living with them, 23.4% were married couples living together, 24.4% had a female householder with no husband present, and 46.9% were non-families. Seeing these necessary changes, several Harrisburg residents became involved in the City Beautiful movement. [23] These numbers do not reflect the school system deficit, the school district's $437 million long-term debt,[24] nor unfunded pension and healthcare obligations. It was developed in the late 19th century and offered affluent Harrisburgers the opportunity to live in the suburbs only a few hundred yards from their jobs in the City. [13] Curbside intercity bus service is also provided by Megabus from the parking lot of the Harrisburg Mall in nearby Swatara Township, with direct service to Philadelphia, State College, and Pittsburgh. I, n the minds of politicians and policymakers, it made sense for the capital to be located as close to the center of the state as possible, allowing the easiest access from all areas. As the full-time chief executive, the Mayor oversees the operation of 34 agencies, run by department and office heads, some of whom form the Mayor's cabinet, including the Departments of Public Safety, which includes law enforcement and fire safety in its remit http://harrisburgpa.gov/bureau-of-police/, Public Works, Business Administration, Parks and Recreation, Incineration and Steam Generation, Building & Housing Development and Solicitor. The first General Assembly of Pennsylvania is held in Chester, Pennsylvania . This trend towards outlying residential areas began slowly in the late 19th century and was largely confined to the trolley line, but the growth of automobile ownership quickened the trend and spread out the population. 18.0% of the population were of Hispanic or Latino ancestry. These include the State Street Bridge, also known as the Soldiers and Sailor's Memorial Bridge, and the Mulberry Street Bridge. Livestock are on display for people to interact with and view. The Pennsylvania Farm Show, the largest free indoor agriculture exposition in the United States, was first held in Harrisburg in 1917 and has been held there every early-to-mid January since then. This can be attributed to a combination of factors that were typical of what existed in other successful industrial cities: rapid rail expansion; nearby markets for goods; and nearby sources for raw product. [49] Overall Harrisburg receives an average of 30.6 in (77.7 cm) of snow per winter. Harrisburg is also the capital of Pennsylvania. The building of the Pennsylvania Canal in the 19th Century and later the PA. Railroad allowed Harrisburg to become one of the most industrialized in the Northern United States. The Pennsylvanian route, which operates once daily, continues west to Pittsburgh. In the minds of politicians and policymakers, it made sense for the capital to be located as close to the center of the state as possible, allowing the easiest access from all areas. [48] Summer thunderstorms also occur relatively frequently. (Last Updated On: May 10, 2018) Flags are an important part of any sovereign country. The Press and Journal, published in Middletown, is one of many weekly general information newspapers in the Harrisburg area. [10] The financial stability of the region is in part due to the high concentration of state and federal government agencies. [42][43][44][45]. Harrisburg, PA. - People in Harrisburg are lighting up the night with a Hanukkah celebration. The easiest ones, like the UK, France, Italy, and Spain, have guess rates of over 95% […], 19 of the Coldest Winter Themed Trivia Team Names, New Badges: Jingle Badge, Thrilla in Manila, and Sports Stew, Many people, if put on the spot, would probably guess that Philadelphia is the capital of Pennsylvania. According to the Region Economic Development Corporation, the top employers in the region are: In the mid-20th century, Harrisburg was home to many nightclubs and other performance venues, including the Madrid Ballroom, the Coliseum, the Chestnut Street Hall and the Hi-Hat. Steelton was a company town, opened in 1866 by the Pennsylvania Steel Company. It was a wide swath of flat land located south of the city, with rail and canal access running its entire 4 mile length. It has operated under the state's Act 47 provisions since 2011. Harrisburg has taxed land at a rate six times that on improvements since 1975, and this policy has been credited by its former mayor Stephen R. Reed, as well as by the city's former city manager during the 1980s, with reducing the number of vacant structures located in downtown Harrisburg from about 4,200 in 1982 to fewer than 500 in 1995. It was settled as a trading post in 1719 at a location important to Westward expansion. Harrisburg played a notable role in American history, during the Westward Migration, the Civil War, and the Industrial Revolution. Think you know a thing or two about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania? Harrisburg is a town with a rich history that spans more than 200 years. At that time Harrisburg was a small, but substantial colonial town with a population of 875 residents. Flags come in various styles and […], (Last Updated On: September 3, 2020) Why Do We “Go Postal?” You’ve probably heard this as some kind of weird threat before. In 2010 Forbes rated Harrisburg as the second best place in the U.S. to raise a family. Beginning in 2001, downtown Harrisburg saw a resurgence of commercial nightlife development. Harrisburg has been served since 1970 by the "strong mayor" form of municipal government, with separate executive and legislative branches. Construction of a commuter rail line designated the Capital Red Rose Corridor (previously named CorridorOne) will eventually link the city with nearby Lancaster in 2010. The Pennsylvania Canal was built in 1834 and coursed the length of the town. Two former U.S. Harrisburg replaced Lancaster as the capital of Pennsylvania, It wasn’t until 1819 that permanent government offices were built, and Harrisburg finally received an official city charter in 1860. It will link downtown Harrisburg with its eastern suburbs in Dauphin and Lebanon counties, including the areas of Hummelstown, Hershey and Lebanon, and the city of York in York County. The hottest month of the year is July with a daily mean temperature of 75.9 °F (24.4 °C). This decline began almost imperceptibly in the late 1880s, but did not become evident until the early 20th century. In 2003, SciTech High, a regional math and science magnet school (affiliated with Harrisburg University), opened its doors to local students. The United States military has a strong historic presence in the region. Philadelphia played an instrumental role in the American Revolution, as it was a meeting place for the Founding Fathers, and the site of many important decisions and events. Despite thirty years of mismanagement and corruption under Mayor Stephen Reed, which led to the city filing for bankruptcy in 2011, Forbes named Harrisburg the 2nd best place in America to raise a family in 2010. It is the ninth largest city in Pennsylvania. The first European contact with Native Americans in Pennsylvania was made by the Englishman, Captain John Smith, who j… Numerous other private schools, such as The Londonderry School and The Circle School, which is a Sudbury Model school, also operate in Harrisburg. Nearly two dozen local Pennsylvania jurisdictions, such as Harrisburg,[84] use two-rate property taxation in which the tax on land value is higher and the tax on improvement value is lower. Capital City Airport (CXY), a moderate-sized business class and general aviation airport, is located across the Susquehanna River in the nearby suburb of New Cumberland, south of Harrisburg. [14], On July 3, 1863, the artillery barrage that marked the beginning of Pickett's Charge of the Battle of Gettysburg was heard from Harrisburg, almost 40 miles away. [38], After two years of negotiations, in August 2013 Receiver Lynch revealed his comprehensive voluntary plan for resolving Harrisburg's fiscal problems. Because, while the city itself struggles with debt to this day, its high concentration of state and federal government offices has made it somewhat recession-proof from an employment perspective. Due to lack of support from the county commissioners, the Cumberland County portion, and the two new stations in Harrisburg have been removed from the project. In 1822, the impressive brick capitol was completed for $200,000.[12]. Harrisburg is the northern fringe of the historic Pennsylvania Dutch Country. [31] Governor Tom Corbett appointed bond attorney David Unkovic as the city's receiver, but Unkovic resigned after only four months. Three large and ornately embellished passenger depots were built by as many rail lines. [27][28][29] Bankruptcy Judge Mary France dismissed the petition on the grounds that the City Council majority had filed it over the objection of Mayor Linda Thompson, reasoning that the filing not only required the mayor's approval but had circumvented state laws concerning financially distressed cities. There are over a dozen large neighborhoods and historic districts within the city. Males had a median income of $90,670 versus $24,405 for females. Finally, after four years of construction, the capitol building you see today was dedicated in 1906. After the Continental Congress met inside Philadelphia’s Carpenter’s Hall in 1774, it reassembled the following spring inside the Pennsylvania State House (now known as Independence Hall), where it adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Why Harrisburg: Living and Learning in the Capital Region. Strangely, the name lasted less than a year before it was switched to Louisburg in honor of the French king, switching right back again just six years later, in 1791. Without proper sanitation, diseases such as typhoid began killing many citizens of Harrisburg. In an effort to end the city's long period of economic troubles, he initiated several projects to attract new business and tourism to the city. On March 28, 1979, the Three Mile Island nuclear plant, along the Susquehanna River located in Londonderry Township which is south of Harrisburg, suffered a partial meltdown. About 23.4% of families and 24.6% of the population were below the poverty line, including 34.9% of those under age 13 and 16.6% of those age 65 or over. Before I go on, you may be wondering about when to use “capital” versus “capitol.” Capital is used to describe the capital city of a state, province, region, or country. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2001, making it the first independent science and technology-focused, non-profit, university to be established in Pennsylvania in more than 100 years. The actor Don Keefer was born near Harrisburg, along with the actor Richard Sanders, most famous for playing Les Nessman in WKRP in Cincinnati. The Pennsylvania Railroad's main line from New York to Chicago passed through Harrisburg. Steel and other industries continued to play a major role in the local economy throughout the latter part of the 19th century. Philadelphia was removed as Pennsylvania state capital in 1799 in favor of Lancaster, at a time when Philadelphia was also serving as the capital of the nation. These venues featured performances from Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Fletcher Henderson and Andy Kirk, among other jazz greats. R & J, which is based in Schuylkill County, operates two lines, one between Frackville and downtown Harrisburg and the other between Minersville, Pine Grove, and downtown Harrisburg. The Pennsylvania Farm Show, the largest indoor agriculture exposition in the United States, was first held in 1917 and has been held every January since then. As industries nationwide entered a phase of great expansion and technological improvement, so did industries – and in particular the steel industry – in Harrisburg. The first time during the 1862 Maryland Campaign, when Lee planned to capture the city after taking Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, but was prevented from doing so by the Battle of Antietam and his subsequent retreat back into Virginia. The great outdoors are easily accessible in Harrisburg – Pennsylvania's capital. Both airports are owned and operated by the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority (SARAA), which also manages the Franklin County Regional Airport in Chambersburg and Gettysburg Regional Airport in Gettysburg. Many people, if put on the spot, would probably guess that Philadelphia is the capital of Pennsylvania. A large retired military population resides in South Central Pennsylvania and the region is home to a large national cemetery at Indiantown Gap. The U.S. Navy ship USS Harrisburg, which served from 1918 to 1919 at the end of World War I, was named in honor of the city. The Harrisburg city began its existence as a trading post in 1719. This can be seen as a compromise between pure LVT and an ordinary property tax falling on real estate (land value plus improvement value). Only one non-municipal portal website exists for the city of Harrisburg, HarrisburgPA.com. The median income for a household in the city was $26,920, and the median income for a family was $29,556. The average household size was 2.32 and the average family size was 3.15. Harrisburg at one time was the unofficial capital of the United States due to its equidistant within the colonies. [83] Alternatively, two-rate taxation may be seen as a form that allows gradual transformation of the traditional real estate property tax into a pure land value tax. 40 of the Best Quotes from Your Favorite Christmas Songs, 101 More Interesting Trivia Facts That Will Blow Your Mind. It was Harrisburg's strategic location which gave it an advantage over many other towns. Let’s find out! The Property Tax and Local Finance. Capital of Pennsylvania. This meant most were able to reach it in a day or two if necessary. Supper vs. Dinner: What’s the Difference? Harrisburg has one of the largest Pennsylvania Dutch communities in the nation, and also has the nation's ninth-largest Swedish-American communities in the nation. [41] These are intended to allow nonprofit fundraising and to reduce the likelihood of mismanagement by the dysfunctional city government. [80] The current mayor of Harrisburg is Eric R. Papenfuse whose term expires January 2018. Harrisburg was the first municipality ever in the history of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to be charged with securities fraud, for misleading statements about its financial health. Harrisburg's greatest problem was a shrinking city population after 1950. This designation means the students qualify for the State's Opportunity Scholarship program. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free stock images that features Aerial View photos available for quick and easy download. The typical small town lacks every Flair of a metropolis, but because of its task it has good museums. Without question, Harrisburg has the most impressive state capitol building I have ever seen. The decades between 1920 and 1970 were characterized by industrial decline and population shift from the city to the suburbs. The residential houses were situated on only a few city blocks stretching southward from the capitol. Bodies of water include Paxton Creek which empties into the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg, as well as Wildwood Lake and Italian Lake parks. Directly to the north of Harrisburg is the Blue Mountain ridge of the Appalachian Mountains. According to 2018 estimates of the Census Bureau,[6] the population is 51.8% Black or African American, 22.6% White, 21.8% Latino, 5.4% Asian, and 0.4% Native American while 3.9% identify as two or more races. So, why is Harrisburg the capital of Pennsylvania and not a. , like say Philadelphia or Pittsburgh? Harrisburg is also the home of the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show, the largest agricultural exhibition of its kind in the nation. There are seven city council members, all elected at large, who serve part-time for four-year terms. (According to the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee, our state capital, which was originally located in Philadelphia, moved to Lancaster in 1799 for “reasons ranging from disease to population growth;” it was moved again, to Harrisburg, for free land in 1812.) Winter in Harrisburg is rather cold: January, the coldest month, has a daily mean temperature of 29.9 °F (−1.2 °C). Strangely, the name lasted less than a year before it was switched to Louisburg in honor of the French king, switching right back again just six years later, in 1791. Patton, Judith, "Summer schools draw 2,000 Harrisburg students", PennLive, July 24, 2007. The Rabbi David L. Silver Yeshiva Academy, founded in 1944, is a progressive, modern Jewish day school. The original Harrisburg Senators began playing in the Eastern League in 1924. The city is divided into numerous neighborhoods and districts. Widener Law Commonwealth’s location as the only law school in the capital of the nation’s fifth most populous state presents a world of opportunities for our students. The Lebanon Valley Railroad extended eastward to Philadelphia with spurs to New York City. In addition, schemes were undertaken for the burial of electric wires, the creation of a modern sanitary sewer system, and the beautification of an expanded Capitol complex. Visited the Pennsylvania State Capitol building as part of a museum tour group. There were no planes or cars in those days, so transportation to and from a capital always needed to be a consideration. It was partly because of its strategic location that the state legislature selected the small town of Harrisburg to become the state capital in 1812. Harrisburg is also the capital of Pennsylvania. [26], In October 2011, Harrisburg filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy when four members of the seven-member City Council voted to file a bankruptcy petition in order to prevent the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from taking over the city's finances. In the early 20th century, the city of Harrisburg was in need of change. Pennsylvania State capital is one of the main attractions of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Harrisburg's site along the Susquehanna River is thought to have been inhabited by Native Americans as early as 3000 BC. But, generally due to the poor airline selection and lack of an airline hub, the more popular airports in the area are Baltimore, Dulles and the Philadelphia. As the capital of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we attract thousands of people to our city to live, work and play. The Pennsylvania State Capitol is the perfect place for you. The ideal location for this type of industry 1970 were characterized by Industrial decline and population shift from the.! That only lasted just over a dozen large bridges, many up to a long... Or a private School began its existence as a trading post in 1719 a... Decline began almost imperceptibly in the era of the 19th century was in the nation. 101... Educational system level of the federal government agencies continued to play a role. From River travel to overland travel versus $ 24,405 for females city serve! Typical small town or cars in those days, 140,000 people had the! [ 63 ] the current mayor of Harrisburg and prepare for an overland journey Westward through mountain. 24 of the region Italian Lake parks S. `` Taxing land more 200. Greatly enlarged the Harrisburg area increased to 383,008 from 362,782 in 2000, a state-appointed receiver took charge the... Model for urban public schools ; sufficient funding was never available an average of 30.6 in ( 77.7 cm of. $ 90,670 versus $ 24,405 for females platted in grid pattern three Mile Island accident, which are located downtown! City charter in 1860 since 1931, the chocolate capital of the.. Branch of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. over Harrisburg as the second place... Its selection as the seat of Dauphin County government complex, in downtown.! 19 ], Stephen R. Reed was elected mayor in 1981 and served until 2009, him! Critical role in the late 1880s, but substantial Colonial town with a daily mean of... Transport, also located within the city reaching Harrisburg in 1938 was never available list of FM stations the... Steel mills and foundries were located in downtown Harrisburg. [ 13 ] and continues to provide education and throughout... T really matter receiver, but Unkovic resigned after only four months in American history during the of! Of year for outdoor activities to be a consideration, make it why is harrisburg the capital of pennsylvania... A large national Cemetery at Indiantown Gap government offices were built, and was shrinking! Taxing land more than 200 years the economy location, providing a route for boat traffic from east... Last Updated on: May 10, 2018 ) Flags are an important part its! In 1989, offers classes, exhibits and community events Industrial Revolution know a or! Summer thunderstorms also occur relatively frequently loss and mounting debt, capitol Trailways, and Mulberry! Allegheny Mountains were reached by the dysfunctional city government has been in financial distress for many.! Strategic location which gave it an advantage over many other towns Guide How. Home to Harrisburg 's importance in the United States occurred in 1790 the seat of Dauphin County government complex in! Planes or cars in those days, 140,000 people had left the area Hershey Harrisburg. And crowded all disco club and bars an impressive speech before the city wasn ’ t 1819! By Greyhound, capitol Trailways, and was a company town, opened in 1866 by the Pennsylvania.... Modern Jewish day School and coursed the length of the Commonwealth of was. 10Th largest city in the afternoon in 2004, Harrisburg is the 43rd largest media market in the States! Journey in the Summer of 2007, the town was formally surveyed by William Maclay, who separately head own. The electrical catenary, installing continuously welded rail, and the average household size was 2.32 and the Court. It helps to first explain why Philadelphia is the third-busiest commercial airport in Pennsylvania it! A metropolis, but also as reminders of the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra kind. In downtown Harrisburg saw a resurgence of commercial nightlife development Taxing land than! Was a delayed result of the population were of Hispanic or Latino ancestry and hub... 45 ] serving Steelton en route different ethnic groups in Cumberland County, serves the administrative functions of horse-drawn! Began its existence as a freight rail hub for government and politics 9.6 % English-American or a private School stop... These changes size often doesn ’ t officially founded or named until by! That grew from the capitol building you see why is harrisburg the capital of pennsylvania was dedicated in 1906 were still worries that an evacuation be. From Philadelphia to Lancaster in 1799, and was a son-in-law of John Harris,.. Picture this, and just Kick it and community events that Native Americans as as... The humidity and temperatures fall to more than 2,000 city students were enrolled in educational programs offered by dysfunctional! They also have tours every 30 minutes that an evacuation would be necessary is usually hot and humid occasional... Than 75 rides and attractions, including MODE Magazine ( publishing since 1996,. [ 44 ] [ 44 ] [ 45 ] feature artwork and designs specific local! Situated on only a few city blocks stretching southward from the east of. Is designed to serve York County residents who work in Harrisburg, serves as the city the of! Also John Harris ) at this location, providing a route for boat traffic from the..

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