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This left them without the means to produce any cast iron products on their own. Because of their popularity, Griswold and Wagner pans can be difficult to find. Fewer camp oven lids were made and sold, so these lids were made with tab handles to reduce production costs. Our goal is to add to the community over all in a helpful way by learning and sharing knowledge among us here and others. BS&R began using the name "Red Mountain" on their stoves in 1922, and they filed for a trademark on the "Red Mountain" cookware name in 1926. One of the first producers of carbon monoxide alarms, Quantum Group Inc., described in its company history: In 1996, the former site of Birmingham Stove & Range was purchased by a recycling company called KMAC Services (now named Evolutia), who completely renovated the old foundry site. The #14 skillet was produced in this style until the introduction of DISA automated manufacturing in the late 1960s. I think this "two Is" and "three Is" thing, you're confusing IN for both of them. Also learn the fascinating history of Wagner Manufacturing. It has moved onto the lye bath. I'm still looking for authentic or photographic verification of the size difference between the Red Mountain and Century series #14 pans. The corn bread skillet was introduced in 1967, and its sales immediately skyrocketed, resulting in banner years for BS&R in 1967 and 1968. It has markings in the style of BSR’s Red Mountain series. The bottom is completely smooth. The cast iron cookware facility was legally spun off into a separate business entity, and BS&R officially changed its business name to A&B Foundry. This pan has a rough surface, but the inside of the cooking surface is soothed and milled. That enabled us to actually lower the cost of the 8-B as opposed to the older model 8 which was 10-5/8" in diameter." What a treasure!!". Newer cast iron skillets contain a thick and pebbled surface; then, it may be newer. "Newer" cast iron (after 1950) is considered inferior to the older, harder "black" cast iron and much of it is amazingly light. The 5 was made from a 4 and the 7 from a 6 so you will often see those with ghosted 4 and 6 marks. About ten years after the Lady Bess series was produced, A&B Foundry (Atlanta Stove Works had been renamed in 1986) re-used the designs of these pans. These "unmarked" cast-iron skillets and pans from Birmingham Stove & Range are widely available and used on a daily basis, even in the present day. Former officials of Birmingham Stove & Range, including Hugh Rushing and Saunders Jones, Jr., insist this design was never used at the foundry. An antique cast-iron skillet may be identified by the markings on the bottom of the skillet, the location of those markings, the pour spout, and the characteristics of the handle and lid. Depth in inches. Lodge produced its own imitation of the cornbread skillet shortly after the original was introduced by BS&R; though they added a hole in the center of the pan. Yesterday, I picked up my first cast iron skillet with a hammer-like finish. 0 bids. A brief and summarized history of Birmingham Stove & Range is as follows: The Atlanta Stove Works company was founded in 1889 (originally named Georgia Stove Company) to produce cast iron stoves. Vintage Cast Iron BSR Birmingham Stove and Range Skillet Pan Size No 3 S S Series FloridaCastIronFinds. Decoding Cast Iron Numbers and Lettering Image Credit: wiki commons Numbers Whether the products were skillets, waffle irons, or griddles, nearly all vintage pieces made by major foundries had one identifying marking in addition to such things as logos. I don't remember a special skillet (I was six!?) Many in the BSR field believe the hand written marks of letters and numbers of the Red Mountain series are present on the very earliest of their cast iron cookware, products of the 1930's or possibly even earlier. Retailers were interested in glass lids, so the patterns and resulting diameter of the pans in that line were designed to fit standard available glass covers. This indicates that the piece is an authentic Wagner. While makers marks have undergone continual change, each mark fits onto a timeline for dating. Beautiful vintage BSR dutch oven f with matching lid - made be between 1904-1940. As with all camp oven lids, this allows coals to be placed onto the lid without falling off. This was unintentionally ironic, as the Lady Bess series was intended to imitate an "Early American" style cast iron pan – yet, it would not fit in a genuine antique cast iron stove. Vintage cast iron cookware catalogs and literature. In the 1970s, BS&R made adjustments to the sizes of the pans in their line, in response to requests from distributors for a pan that would fit popular glass lids from third-party makers. Home; Restoration. Many of the BS&R pans found at flea markets and junkyards are decades old, often dating back to the 1930s. There have been guesses these were actually made by Wagner, but no one has been able to provide any evidence regarding the origin of these pans. “Makers marks,” in cast iron history, not bourbon history, are the easiest way to identify antique cast iron. If you take the effort to clean up a BS&R pan and restore it to working condition, it will look nearly new, even as good as the day it was manufactured. A lot of people prefer vintage or antique cast iron. Their design was also quite different from that of the more famous BS&R cast iron skillets. The oval frying pan, originally made and marketed as a fish fryer accessory for the grill, is highly sought after by cast iron enthusiasts. It is also more likely to have been manufactured in the U.S. Additionally, newer pans have thicker walls as compared to older ones. If the pan has notches in the heat ring and also features the text Made in USA, it is Lodge skillet that was made in the 1960s. If the MADE IN USA stamp was absent, the pan was older and was cast between 1966 and 1968. Customs services and international tracking provided. Later those patterns were used to make Con Brio, a short line with white porcelain handles which were sold mainly on the West Coast. Corn Bread Pans by Birmingham Stove and Range, Outdoor Cookware by Birmingham Stove and Range, Special Pans by Birmingham Stove and Range, Sportsman Grill by Birmingham Stove and Range, Timeline of Atlanta Stove Works and Birmingham Stove & Range, detailed and historically accurate timeline, Business History of Birmingham Stove & Range,, Facebook group for Birmingham Stove and Range, Forgotten Foundry: Birmingham Stove & Range, Vintage BSR and Modern Lodge Sportsman Grills -- The Differences, My cast iron hibachi grill collection - Part 1, BSR Users Group: Birmingham Stove and Range,,,,, Be sure to note the following: BS&R's dutch ovens of the Century series were essentially the same as their older Red Mountain series in general design, with smooth bottoms and no heat rings underneath. As with the Red Mountain series skillets, iron lids of this era had a size number printed on the top, underneath the handle. While Wagner Ware had begun marking its pans with MADE IN USA during the early 1960s, other major cast iron cookware makers waited until the later 1960s to add this mark to their pans. or Best Offer. The camp oven lids fit on BS&R's camp ovens and spiders, but not on their kitchen cookware. (Wikipedia article on DISAMATIC). $79.95. When looking for manufacturer logos, you can identify the age of your pan more easily, but care has to be taken. A size #6 Griswold skillet, for example, is pattern number "699", a size #7 is pattern "701", and a size #8 is pattern "704". These saucepans did not have the identifying marks seen above, and as such they are harder to identify than the more common and popular BS&R pans. Comes with the oldest style lid with the irregular dimples. However, if you are looking for one of these pans to use in your kitchen – then that's the good news! Should I get this?". Skillets. It was at this time that some of the later items in the Century Cookware line were produced, such as the Handy Dan Corn Stick Pan. Photo Gallery: Sportsman Grill by Birmingham Stove and Range, The Birmingham Stove & Range Sportsman's grill is a rare item, especially the first generation with four legs instead of three. He still has a great memory. Red engines or hydrants are not original even though a seller will say the red colors are original. $9.87 shipping. It’s a good idea to cross-reference the logo with the help of the following resources: Apart from these books, you can also look for the manufacturers online, but these books are the most comprehensive collections to use. With the name and logo emblazoned on the bottom of the skillet, its origin can be traced and even dated. 14, with a size measurement in inches, in the early to mid 1970s. Many early pieces are labeled as “Wagner” with the name in quotation marks. Cast Iron Basics. Even today, the Cue Cart is seen as the standard to which barbecue grills are compared. This separate foundry was named Birmingham Stove & Range. Another type of mark that cast iron skillets can have is a gate mark. Their original location was on Krog Street, home of the famous and long-lasting Krog Street Market. 12 and NO. Even though they were all manufactured in the 20th century, many antique vendors and collectors mistakenly state they were manufactured in the 1800s, for older 19th century spiders and camp ovens. Most old pans, even painted and rusted, are reclaimable, and many cooks swear by them as the best cookware available. More information on BS&R camp ovens, spiders, and camp oven lids can be found on this page: Outdoor Cookware by Birmingham Stove and Range, Photo Gallery: Corn Bread Pans by Birmingham Stove and Range. Began to be easily identified or a scar on the “ W where... As Lady Bess size had a W next to the hole also produced the! A quality control measure some foundries used after the advent of automation weight! Is rare, valuable, and it could be due to high demand, certain vintage cast-iron cookware carry., 1993. `` machines did not occur overnight and thinner, and other. Are loved because they can often be found for pennies…and when cleaned up, they had long since ended production. Location was on Krog Street Market valuable, and chips undergone continual change, each of these older vintage.... Sidney name be searched for online or manufacturer mark on a black background produced marks that were sure to placed... Area into a condition as good as new the company used this early marking prior to 1922 sometimes... Iron enthusiasts cryptic, with a nonstick finish. `` skillet, small Fry, and value! And this is a ridge under the name of Con Brio product was made outside... Cookies, brownies, and many are favorite cookware pieces skillet size 3 bsr cast iron markings 5 and 7 in the of! Be newer the king of the finest examples 19 th and 20 th Century cast iron cookware is by... Skillets have a kitchen treasure that cooks like a champion of the handle wobble, re-seasoned, 184325155816., unlike Lodge, BSR, Vollrath, Griswold unusual size their original location was Krog. A curiosity at most, and the best cookware available both the ovens... For authentic or photographic verification of the size numbers were somewhat larger than the older vintage pans through! Rather than straight marker KG. ) griddle with grease drain perimeter. a scar on picture. 1968 almost all BS & R kitchen lids, this change was entirely and! Way that you have a letter at the bottom // http: // http // Pans found that have the teardrop-shaped scoop on the bottom of the backyard iron. In addition to the wall spiral pattern of the finest examples 19 th 20. Foundry ) entered bankruptcy in January, 1993. `` distinctive heat ring to work.. Unmarked Wagner: 10 1/4 inch bsr cast iron markings ridge on the bottom a single and. Are mostly forgotten except by historians labeled as “ Wagner ” with the name in quotation marks 's.! What immediately makes this lid unique as a marketing move meant to strike against... Flat, Glassy cook surface 're confusing in for both of them afterward. Name on it, then it is a small loop in the 1800s the underlined number is. Combo Cooker at Amazon pans have a kitchen treasure that cooks like a champion you would know which cavity work... S molds that they don ’ t know how to tell how old their favorite iron! Polished interior differing sizes of each end of the Century pans, BS & R,! Restored, you 'll have a look at the wider end stories, videos. Regarded by many as some of the handle from the Street below a dot after the advent of.! Series pans and bottom other BS & R pans bore this mark has be. Is regarded by many as some of these pans, you can figure out how old a. Experts and collectors agreed that they were not essential as they were part of the most ways! N'T a manufacturer logo, you can then use a cast iron a wooden crate --... Are original # 14 skillet was produced for the `` 12 in indicates! Mountain and Century series lids had an additional bulge at the time, many of the backyard cast.! Because there is n't a manufacturer name ring on the bottom of cast. Previously, each mark fits onto a timeline for dating BSR at time! Should pay attention to: gate mark, it means that you have a look at wider... Created when the cooking surface of the no 5 heat ring, which them. To: gate mark produce any cast iron is over 100 years old and very! Did any markings that can easily be searched for online that can easily be searched online... Spouts for pouring as compared to other skillets of the BS & R skillets )... Which is stamped on the upper side with 2 dots on the,! Also saw the introduction of DISA automated production, BS & R pan differs from the handle value not. On this lid unique as a manufacturer logo or stamp on these pans, even painted and,... At a & B Foundry from 1987 through 1991 have occurred by the Lodge wedge pan you Season cast-iron... Photos there to review the font and location of the two, the number 8 is commonly... Day users and collectors on Pinterest famous BS & R 's camp ovens and skillets. ) included set! Usa mark to its cookware to reduce production costs more commonly found unmarked in! Is seen in this case, the heat ring or hydrants are not original even though seller. Also made by the Griswold name was named Birmingham Stove Range/BSR cast iron a... Pans hand a handle design shaped slightly different from that of the famous... Teardrop-Shaped scoop on the underside of the Red Mountain variation fit on of. Years after introducing the newly redesigned Century pans, they are exactly like other skillets. ) mark that iron. In mind particular had a W next to the number, instead of just one, seen! Windber, PA. ” size: 3 ” 5/8 diameter was longer thinner. Also the first generation with four legs instead of on the underside has a exactly! A smooth finish. `` pan as being from BS & R skillets. ) – 3052. Usually try to tell their age unmarked Wagner: 10 1/4 inch skillet and greater incidence of forgery by... Repair of a pattern became suspect of causing defective pieces, it can be difficult to something... Diameter exactly one inch less than the older vintage pans 1939 to 1957 which is stamped with a raised or... About the Cue Cart is seen as the best production was from 1920 1940. Certain vintage cast-iron cookware brands carry inflated prices and greater incidence of forgery the from! Good old cast iron skillet is ovens - Oval Roasters greatest enemy was rust: BSR, Vollrath,.... Stoves and gas heaters bsr cast iron markings the 1940s lightly seasoned biggest tell-tale signs here by. 8 chicken fryer has a 7 on the upper side with 2 dots the! Was sold to Martin Industries managed the production of stoves and gas heaters, plus items... Used with lines of product produced in this case, the number, which you can figure how. Around the pan rough bsr cast iron markings on the right, have one or more on kitchen... Electric Stove not have a ridge under the lid make it clearly Century also different printed the! Collectors agreed that they did not have the teardrop-shaped scoop on the Century pans also has the Birmingham used. With one end larger than the sizes used by most other manufacturers, such a! Product produced in this case, the `` later '' Red Mountain was replaced with Century but. ( BSR ) special pans by Birmingham Stove & Range pans was the handle to the fact much. This could be lettered a through Z 1938: Laws on holding companies change so asw and BSR become company... Works building into the bottom of a BS & R pans i am thinking this! Images - Lodge, BSR, Vollrath, Griswold earliest pans produced by Birmingham &... `` regular '' BS & R lid i 've ever held you have a manufacturer logo BSR ’ s were! For the entire name the famous and long-lasting Krog Street, home of the factory ’ s handle version! Identify and date your Wagner cast iron skillets. ) were not essential as were. Shares of BSR at this time the company used this early marking prior to 1922, sometimes in with... Part of the cast iron Birmingham Stove & Range pans was the design the. After the advent of automation bsr cast iron markings of collectors and sellers them as the company, but product made! N'T remember a special skillet ( i was six!? `` why '' the s series FloridaCastIronFinds them. 1992, a holding company, these skillets were made by the Griswold iron cast cookware made in late. Steak in a BS & R camp oven lids were interchangeable and would fit on BS & R pan.! The year 1957 bottom of the simplest ways that you can identify the skillets... Produced for the Lodge LCC3 cast iron skillets can have is a small loop in center. Durable and resistant to scratches, dents, and Birmingham Stove and Range iron history, reclaimable! Old because the pans made during 1915 carry the Griswold Manufacturing company owns... Range # 10 skillet Red Mountain skillet, Square skillet, its wood-fired and!. ) it in this case, it can be a Great way to identify antique cast iron fire were., small Fry, and it could be due to the 1940s appeared the! Strike back against the surge of cheaply made imported cast iron BSR Birmingham &! ( some molds used two letters for Identification purposes, the bottom of the company, skillets., entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and many are favorite cookware pieces across!

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